Yoga classes

Small exclusive classes every Tuesday at 8pm and Wednesday at 6pm.
‘First server basis’ – book your Place sending a text to +4526717070


This class is for all, regardless of your entry-level and will last 1,5 hour.

With a mix of different yoga styles, the class will be customized for you and your spcific level. There is plenty of time to adjust, and to give you an individual guidance.

This way you’ll accomplish the utmost with each exercise, and with the whole yoga session.  – You’ll sweat! – You’ll be strong and flexible, and we’ll finish off with a relaxing energy booster listening to peaceful music, that will give you a complete feeling of mindfulness.


Based on the Vinyasa yoga flow, you’ll create internal heat and open up your body and mind to expand your energy flow. With a mix of different styles of yoga, I’ll customize the session, perfect for your body and mind. Your breath is the fuel, and you’ll learn how to use it. You’ll do better in your stretches, twists and poses, when you breathe the right way.

The studio is located on Frederiksberg Allé 39, 1820 Frederiksberg C, Denmark.