Based on the Vinyasa flow yoga, bak7yoga is taylormade for a maximum of 7 people in each class. The classes are open for everyone – regardless of skills, and lasts 1,5 hours. Book a session on 26717070.


Exclusive private sessions for you, who wants the utmost success af YOUR yoga. A personal, taylormade bak7yoga programme based on Vinyasa flow yoga to give you the maximum effect of your very first yogalesson, or super optimization of you, as a trained yogi. Book your session on 26717070.


7 yoga videos demonstrated by Malene Bak and designed to give you a shot of energy in just 3-4 minutes. Easy adaptable, doable, eatable and making sense! – An instant shot of “yoga-juice”.


Yoga workshops and retreats are in the making. We hope to be ready to welcome you in 2016.

”AHA experience! I believe Malene is a true magnificiant teacher in the fine art of yoga – The lesson was ever so inspiring…”

Exclusive yoga

Customized yoga based on YOUR body and YOUR condition, is the key to bak7yoga. The Vinyasa based flow yoga will bring out the best in you, expand your ability to focus – it will give you power and ease in balance with lots of energy – The fact that you will get a firm, limber and strong body, is only a side effect…


Whether it is private lessons or in a yogaclass, my goal is to always give an exclusive yoga experience to each individual – To create an effective and evolving yoga, that combines force and mindfulness in a powerful balance.